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The Premier Experience

Our diverse product line combines great destinations, professional tour directors, quality accommodations, inclusive sightseeing, and great dining experiences to ensure all travelers receive an exceptional experience at a great value.


From Classic Domestic & International Tours to Train Tours to One Hotel Tours to European River Cruises to Holiday/ Special Event Tours to Ocean Cruises, surely we have a unique and innovative itinerary for your group. Our product line includes programs like Great Trains & Grand Canyons featuring 5 nights at a spectacular resort in Sedona, Natural Wonders of Costa Rica featuring breathtaking scenery and wildlife, Discover Cuba featuring highlights of this unique Caribbean nation and Venice & the Italian Lakes featuring incredible experiences in Northern Italy including a Venetian Gondola ride.


Tour Directors are extremely important to the tour & travel experience. We feature some of the best Tour Directors in the industry. They are experienced, well-traveled & extensively trained professionals. From managing each day's schedule to offering suggestions for leisure time and confirming transportation, each Tour Director works with the group organizers and travelers to ensure a wonderful travel experience.


When your group travels with Premier, they will enjoy quality hotel or resort accommodations. Our hotels and resorts are among the best in each destination selected for a combination of comfort, amenities, service, location & character of the area. Premier properties are intended to enhance your group's travel experience whether they are luxurious, historic or unique, or a combination of all three.


Group travel is a time for enjoyment, enrichment and companionship. Our travel programs are designed to include the most memorable highlights of an area. A few examples of our inclusive sightseeing are the Ronald Reagan Library in Southern California, a Tuscan Wine Tasting in Italy, the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in Colorado, a Paddlewheel Cruise on Lake Tahoe or in New Orleans, historic touring cars in Glacier National Park & a scenic overnight Ha Long Bay Cruise in Vietnam.


Premier World Discovery itineraries include memorable dining experiences aimed at capturing the culture of the area or showcasing the area via a spectacular setting. Examples awaiting you on our travel programs are the Napa Valley Wine Train, the State Game Lodge in South Dakota, a Medieval Castle Banquet in Ireland, a Roman Feast in Italy, a classic Fisherman's Wharf restaurant overlooking the San Francisco Bay, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah or a Lobster Dinner along New England's coast.