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 One Hotel 1& Limited Hotel Stays
Explore, experience and learn about amazing des na ons. Unpack and immerse yourself in a city or region like a local on one of our more than 40 guided tours around the world that stay at one hotel or have limited hotel stays.
             Classic Tou2rs
This collec on of guided tours o ers a tremendous lineup of amazing des na ons. Discover the world with the perfect mix of included sightseeing and free  me to explore on your own. These tradi onal i neraries will overnight in di erent ci es and may visit mul ple countries. The perfect amount of  me exploring several regions at a great value.
             Rail Journe3ys & Train Tours
We’ve combined guided motorcoach tours with scenic rail experiences during daylight hours. These popular i neraries capture ci es and country sides aboard the comfort of motorcoaches as well as modern and high speed trains.
            Exo c Disc4overy Tours
Check o  your "bucket list" with personal guided adventures to iconic des na ons. These tours give our guests a comprehensive insider’s look at des na ons many dream
of exploring. From  rst witnessing Peru’s Machu Picchu, to following a pride of lions in Kenya’s Masai Mara, to mee ng a tobacco farmer in Cuba, Premier makes these ul mate adventures a reality while handling all of the details.
             Exclusive R5iver Cruise Charters
Deluxe in mate river cruise ships are chartered exclusively for Premier World Discovery guests. I neraries highlight Europe’s great waterways allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the quaint towns, landscapes and medieval castles as they glide by. Included shore excursions, free  me, and an onboard full- me Premier Tour/Cruise Manager further enhance your journey.

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