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 General Informa on
Premier World Discovery (PWD)
2615 – 190th Street, Suite 200 Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Toll Free: 877.953.8687
Local Los Angeles: 310.372.3668
Customer Service & Reserva ons Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Paci c Time Closed Saturday & Sunday
Payments, Deposits & Final Payments
All Deposits and Final Payments can be made by check or credit card. We accept the following credit cards:
Deposit of $500 per person (Interna onal Tours & European River Cruises) or $300 per person (US & Canadian Tours) is due with Reserva on Form to secure reserva ons. Final Payment Due Date is 75 days prior to departure. Although we do not an cipate any tour rate changes, tour rates are subject to increase un l you are paid in full.
How to Make a Reserva on
To make a reserva on, see your Travel Agent, Local Travel Professional or phone PWD at 877.953.8687 or Fax: 310.372.0637
Please send payments to:
2615 – 190th Street, Suite 200 Redondo Beach, CA 90278 A n: Reserva ons
Booking Discount
Include the PWD Roundtrip Air Package & make your Final Payment by check prior to the Final Payment Due Date & receive $200 per couple/$100 per person Booking Discount. For Africa, Australia/NZ - $400 per couple/$200 per person Booking Discount.
Land Only Booking Discount is $100 per couple/$50 per person.
Ini al Deposit can be made by check or credit card to be eligible. Payments a er Ini al Deposit are considered part of Final Payment & must be made by check.
Refunds & Cancella on Fees
Cancella ons not covered by the Cancella on Waiver & Post Departure Plan or if the Cancella on Waiver & Post Departure Plan is not purchased, are subject to the following per person fees:
Cancel more than 180 days prior to departure:.............Full Refund
Cancel 179-75 days prior to departure:..........................Deposit or Waiver is Retained Cancel 74-45 days prior to departure:............................25% of total price
Cancel 44-15 days prior to departure:............................50% of total price
Cancel 14 days or less prior to departure/no shows:.....No refunds
Land Only Tour Rates Include
A Land Only package begins at the  rst hotel and ends at the last hotel. The Land
Only Tour Rates include Motorcoach transporta on, services of the Tour Director and motorcoach driver(s), hotel overnights, sightseeing, taxes, admissions, gratui es for bell sta  and wait sta  for included meals. Hotel Transfers are not included in the Land Only Tour Rates from the arrival airport to the  rst hotel & from the last hotel to the departure airport. PWD o ers a Roundtrip Air Package upon request, at addi onal cost, for all programs which includes Roundtrip Air & Hotel Transfers.
Roundtrip Air Package
A PWD Roundtrip Air Package (or Own Air Reduc on based on promo on) includes Roundtrip (RT) Airfare, Air Departure Taxes/Fees/Fuel Charges & Hotel Transfers. Passengers booking Land Only and making their Own Air arrangements must do so at  me of Ini al Reserva on. Changes from the PWD RT Air Package to Own Air must be received in wri ng by PWD 6 months prior to Departure Date. Services for Land Only, Own Air or no air passengers begin at the  rst hotel and end at the last hotel unless Hotel Transfers are purchased. Roundtrip Air Package is subject to change un l paid in full.
Hotel Transfers for Land Only/Own Air Passengers- $100 per person Roundtrip/$50 one way. Day of Arrival/Day of Departure- Time Constraints apply for Land Only/Own Air passengers purchasing Hotel Transfers
Hometown Transfers with 10 or more passengers
For groups of 10 or more full paying passengers who include the PWD Roundtrip Air Package, Hometown Transfers are included within 100 miles of the gateway from 1
(one) pick-up loca on on the scheduled departure and return dates. To be eligible for Hometown Transfers, the group must have 10 or more passengers from the same air gateway on a PWD Roundtrip Air Package. Hometown Transfers are not applicable to Land Only bookings with 10 or more passengers. If the group transfer involves a distance to the air gateway of 101-150 miles, there is a $120 per passenger supplement. If the group transfer involves a distance to the air gateway of 151-200 miles, there is a $180 per passenger supplement.
Passport & Visa Informa on/TSA Requirements
The Transporta on Security Administra on requires that travelers provide their name exactly to their airline as it appears on the passport or a government issued I.D.(such as a driver’s license) to be used while traveling, along with their date of birth and gender when making reserva ons to  y within the U.S. When making your  ight reserva ons through Premier World Discovery, you will be asked for this informa on by our sta . Due to airline security measures, your photo I.D. or passport must match your airline  cket name and your tour reserva on name or you may be denied aircra  boarding.
Interna onal Tours including Canada & Mexico - A valid US passport for US ci zens is required for and is the responsibility of each passenger. Passports must be valid for up to six (6) months beyond the travel dates. All names must be submi ed to Premier exactly as they appear on passenger passports. Holders of non-US passports should contact their nearest consulate and inquire about the necessary passport or travel visa requirements. Any passport fees, visa fees or other related costs are not included in the tour rates are the responsibility of the passenger. US passport cards are not valid for Interna onal air travel.
Interna onal Borders - Any child under age 16 (traveling without a parent or legal guardian to Canada) must have wri en permission from a parent or legal guardian.
United States Tours - A valid government issued photo I.D. approved by TSA (such
as a driver’s license from most states) is required for air travel. All names must be submi ed to Premier exactly as they appear on the government issued I.D. you will use at the airport. All Passport, Visa and Government Issued I.D Informa on along with TSA Requirements are subject to change and revision at any  me and are the responsibility of the passenger. Name correc ons a er  ckets have been issued are subject to substan al fees which are the responsibility of the passenger.
Baggage & Baggage Fees
On all PWD tour experiences, each passenger is limited to one checked bag for hotel and motorcoach handling. In addi on, each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag. For any river cruise combined with hotel accommoda ons, each passenger is limited to one checked bag. Hotel porterage is included at each PWD property. Airline or any other Baggage fees are not included in the program.
Air Travel Fees & Notes
Airlines con nue to add fees and/or cut services for air travel. These fees are not limited to but include checked baggage fees, weight restric on overage charges for checked bags, seat reserva on fees, charging for meals/snacks, charging for alcoholic and even non- alcoholic beverages. At PWD we have no control over their implementa on. Any of these airport or airline fees/charges are the responsibility of the individual traveler and not
that of PWD or your travel planner. One of the growing challenges as the airline industry evolves is the issue of seat assignments for group travelers. Airlines are pulling more and more seats out of normal seat assignment inventory to sell as seat upgrades. This can lead to traveling companions and couples not si ng together when traveling as part of a group travel package. We make e orts to minimize these fees & sea ng inconveniences but we have no control over their implementa on. We always request seats for spouses and traveling companions to be next to each other (if applicable & unless otherwise requested). Unfortunately, o en these seat requests are not possible due to airline policies and/or limited seat assignment inventory.
Travel Documents
Final Travel Documents include the trip i nerary, hotel informa on, name tags, luggage tags,  ight schedule and E- ckets and des na on informa on. All documents are scheduled to arrive at the travel planner or passenger’s address 14-17 days prior to departure. Please specify at  me of booking where the documents should be sent.
Travelers Needing Special Assistance & Walking on Tour
PWD will make reasonable e orts to accommodate the special needs of tour par cipants. Persons requiring individual assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is capable of, and solely responsible for, providing the necessary assistance. Neither PWD nor its suppliers may physically li  or assist clients onto transporta on vehicles. Neither PWD nor its suppliers may physically li  wheelchairs, scooters or similar equipment onto transporta on vehicles or into transporta on vehicle storage areas. Some sites visited have limited motorcoach access and may involve considerable walking, stairs or inclines. Travelers should be in reasonably good health. Some programs include des na ons in higher eleva ons that may have varying e ects on individual travelers. Please note that while we try to accommodate special needs on Interna onal programs, the Americans with Disabili es Act does not apply outside of the United States.
United States Tour Operators Associa on $1 Million Travelers
Assistance Program
Premier World Discovery, shares the coverage available under the United States Tour Operators Associa on (“USTOA”) $1 Million Travelers Assistance Program with a liates of Premier World Discovery who, as an Ac ve Member of the USTOA is required to
post $1 Million with USTOA to be used to reimburse, in accordance with the terms and condi ons of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program, the advance payments of Premier World Discovery travelers in the unlikely event of Premier World Discovery bankruptcy, insolvency or cessa on of business. Further, you should understand that the $1 Million posted by Premier World Discovery may be su cient to provide only a par al recovery of the advance payments received Premier World Discovery. Complete details of the USTOA Travelers Assistance Program and a list of a liates may be obtained by wri ng to USTOA at 345 Seventh Avenue, Suite 1801, New York, NY 10001, or by email to informa on@ or by visi ng
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